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Blog #1: The unfortunate perception of solitary

5 years ago

376 words

When I used to work at a soup kitchen in the Bronx, the woman who managed the front was a former prison guard. She talked in commands, even to us, because it had been engrained into her character. On the off chance that we had a break from serving the homeless, she would recount some…

Blog #2: The immediate consequences

5 years ago

342 words

      Many speculate that solitary confinement is a safe form of punishment for prison inmates as it has been used for inmates to learn and understand their mistake on their own. As well as many believe that since the law states no cruel or unusual punishment prison should conform to that.  Justifications must…

Blog #3: Solutions and Alternatives

5 years ago

505 words

       Solutions to solitary confinement are unseen or ignored since this inhumane punishment is still alive and well. However, we are moving in the right direction because there have been improvements made. In general, SC has no benefits for prisoners and is costly. We should focus on methods of punishment that may be…

Blog #4: How this directly effects the prisoners

5 years ago

373 words

      Regardless of the successive utilization of isolation in detainment facilities, there has been a constant discussion over the viability of this experience on restoring detainees’ conduct. While some institutions has a biased for isolation as a regular common practice, most of the research proposes a wide scope of mental and physiological impacts…

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