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Blog #2: The immediate consequences

5 years ago

342 words

      Many speculate that solitary confinement is a safe form of punishment for prison inmates as it has been used for inmates to learn and understand their mistake on their own. As well as many believe that since the law states no cruel or unusual punishment prison should conform to that.  Justifications must be conducted or consequences can arise and, thousands of prisoners are being affected all across america, and no one is doing anything about it. With awareness of the consequences many people can come to a consensus that solitary confinement is unethical.

      Most research sources measure the productivity of solitary confinement to whether solitary confinement(SC) pros outweigh the cons. With the research that is available, impacts include from repetitive misconduct, self harm, behavior, and if they implement disorders. If there’s repetitive misconduct in a majority of prisoners that have gone through solitary confinement then obviously the punishment is not successful. Similarly to self harm since it is not aiding them in sustaining a positive behavior. Behavior as well, which is one of the reasons for segregating the prisoners they have continued bad behavior and if the bad behavior is consistent after SC then there is also a problem. And if disorders arise from SC then there are cons that outweigh the pros, inmates are not improving mentally, they are being mistreated and isolation is pushing them to the brink of mental instability and not rationalize to their mistakes. Prisoners without any communication to the outside world, stay in their own mind set and becomes harder to acknowledge their mistakes. Instead prisoner build up their anger and possibly seek revenge for a way to compensate for how they were treated and think what they are doing is right.

     If there is no immediate action taken, prisons may always stay corrupted and fights between solitary confinement and inmates will live on until a solution is found. With awareness more high quality research can be done and with more quality research, people can become aware of the negative effects of solitary confinement.

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