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Blog #4: How this directly effects the prisoners

5 years ago

373 words

      Regardless of the successive utilization of isolation in detainment facilities, there has been a constant discussion over the viability of this experience on restoring detainees’ conduct. While some institutions has a biased for isolation as a regular common practice, most of the research proposes a wide scope of mental and physiological impacts related with isolation. Given that there are a decent percentage of detainees are encountering mental issues upon imprisonment, it is imperative to recognize the impacts of isolation on prisoners. Understanding the mental and physical impacts of isolation can enable the government to decide if isolation should keep on being utilized in penitentiaries or put to an end. There are several policies that can be implemented to improve the mental state of inmates. Even though there some policies put into fruition, there can be more done to coherently improve the inmates mental issues.

       Prisoners experience a large number of mental impacts, including cognitive, psychological, physical and emotional. Being in one negative environment and going into another one will have all of these effects on a person. If a person is in an environment that is constantly causing harm might not be reversible when it pertains to one’s mental health. Isolation is viewed as unsafe to the emotional well-being of prisoners since it limits important social contact, a mental boost that people need so as to stay solid and working. Extended time in isolation are related with more prominent psychological side effects that have genuine effect on prisoner misconduct. 

    If a change is going to be mad, the voice of the prisoners needs to be factored in. There are other issues that go on in jail that civilians might not know about and the inmates are well aware of all the injustice in jails that bothers them psychologically. Their voice should be heard. Even though they are deemed as second class citizens, they are still human and their voice needs to be heard. The harsh punishment and constant isolation the inmates go through are not beneficial. The prisons have many different activities and educational opportunities that are already in place but more can be done to improve the mental health in the inmates that are having these experiences with mental health issues.


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